Minima Cardiniana 312/2

Domenica 31 gennaio 2021, Domenica di Settuagesima

Un amico statunitense che ha a lungo vissuto in Arabia Saudita m’invia questo appunto. Per il momento non posso dirvi chi è perché non gli ho chiesto l’autorizzazione a farlo. Ci tornerò sopra, col suo consenso, nelle prossime settimane.
Frattanto, ecco qua:
Renzi ha dichiarato che “L’Arabia Saudita può essere il luogo di un nuovo Rinascimento”.
This is blasphemy. How dare he compare it to the merchant guild-based economy that embraced humanism and the Madonna of the Misericordia, giving birth to the Renaissance.
The Saudis are known for the most brutal human rights abuses on earth – beheadings, floggings, etc. Their only money comes from oil from the ground, distributed by one family, not merchant solidarity that built the Primo Popolo! How can he be so naive?!
Clearly, he is a servant of MBS (Mohammad Bin Salman): a parrot paid to speak such absurdities to cleanse MBS’s role in directing the assassination of Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul as well as the horrific war in Yemen, and the relentless abuses at home, including the imprisonment of women activists.
Renzi chooses not recall that Saudi Arabia is the center of the Wahhabi cult that has wreaked destruction, from ISIS in Syria and Iraq, to the bombing of Yemen, and funding the Taliban in Afghanistan for the last 2 decades. The pain and suffering across the Middle East has much to do with Saudi involvement! A Renaissance?
The Saudi warming of relations with Israel is simply real-politik to have allies against Iran.
Renzi said “I cannot speak about the cost of labor in Riyadh because as an Italian, I am very jealous…”
The Saudi economy is built on 70% foreign labor — imported the poorest Bengali, Pakistani, Philippino workers who accept the lowest pay and often cannot return home for years. These foreign workers have virtually no rights in Saudi law and abuses are legendary. Many human rights groups call it simply “modern slavery”